Can You Drown a Bed Bug?

Can You Drown Bed Bug

Yes, you can drown a bed bug by placing an infested piece of clothing in water for a few hours. Bed bugs do not need water to survive, so they do not really have any experience with water in their natural environment. If a bed bug is placed in water, they will struggle for a bit, but they will eventually die. It is not built to survive in water because it will be unable to breathe.

Can bed bugs swim in water?

No, bed bugs cannot swim in water, not even in a small amount of water.

Bed bug bodies are so light that they will stay on the surface when they are dropped in water. The reason they drown is because their bodies are not designed to be able to propel themselves to the edge so they can climb to safety. Other insects are able to swim to safety because they have long legs that they can kick to move across the water. They can also stand on the surface of the water and keep distance between the water and their bodies.

Bed bugs do not have a mouth and nose attached to lungs. They breathe by inhaling air through pores on their body. So, when a bed bug is on water, the pores are unable to take in air and only take in water. The bed bug will eventually die.

Do bed bugs drink water?

No, bed bugs do not drink water. They are insects that survive purely on the blood of humans and animals. They get all of the nutrients they need to survive and thrive from blood. Also, blood contains a certain amount of water so what little water they need, the blood provides. They have no need to specifically seek out water to quench their thirst.

Can you drown a bed bug?

Yes, you can drown a bed bug in water. But this knowledge is not logically sound when used in complete extermination of bed bugs from your home.

Sure, you can kill bed bugs by drowning them in water, but the majority of bed bugs are hidden in the dark cracks and crevices of your home and drowning each and every bed bug would be time-consuming and a fool’s errand.

The best thing to do is to draw up and execute an effective bed bug treatment method to eradicate all of them.

How long can a bed bug live under water?

Bed bugs can actually live up to 24 hours underwater. They are incredibly resilient and can live through some harsh conditions.

Yes, water can kill bed bugs, but waiting an entire day to kill a handful of bed bugs is not practical.

Do bed bugs die in hot water?

Yes, but only if the water temperature is above 120 degrees Fahrenheit and the bed bugs are exposed to it for at least 30 minutes.

It is actually advised to those with bed bugs to wash their clothes in the washing machine at the highest temperature setting the fabric material will allow because the water, soap, and temperature will kill the bed bugs and eggs.

Do bed bugs die in boiling water?

Yes, bed bugs die in boiling water, like most insects will. The high temperature will kill the bed bugs almost immediately. Even just splashing bed bugs with boiling water will kill them on contact. But using boiling water to splash on bed bugs is dangerous as you could end up burning yourself with the scalding liquid.

Do bed bugs die in cold water?

Yes, it can kill bed bugs by drowning, but if you wash your clothes in the washing machine using cold water, there is a big possibility that the bed bugs and eggs will survive.

Will water mixed with alcohol kill bed bugs?

Alcohol can kill bed bugs if sprayed because it dries out the bed bug’s shell making its delicate insides vulnerable. But mixing alcohol with water will lessen the alcohol’s effectiveness. Alcohol may kill bed bugs but it only does so with contact so it will only work at killing bed bugs that you can see. The hundreds of bed bugs that are hiding can easily make up for the tens of bed bugs you kill with alcohol.

Will water and soap kill bed bugs?

Yes, soap and water can kill bed bugs. It does so the same way alcohol does it, by drying out the bed bug’s shell and exposing its vulnerable insides.

What temperature of water kills bed bugs?

Water that is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs. When washing your laundry, do a hot wash cycle so the bed bugs and its eggs can be killed.

What are bed bug treatment methods I can use to kill bed bugs?

Boiling water

Boil some water in a big pot. Pour the hot water into a mug or a glass. Pour the boiling water onto the infested area and repeat the process until all of the bed bugs you find are dead. Be careful when handling boiling water as this can be quite dangerous.

Diluted bleach

In a pot, put equal amounts of water and bleach. Stir the mixture and pour into a spray bottle. Use this spray mixture on areas with bed bugs but refrain from using it on fabrics or any surfaces that may react to the bleach.

Washing machine

Place your clothes, linen, and curtains in a garbage bag and seal it tightly. Bring it to your laundry room and place the bag inside the washer. Run the infested linen through a wash cycle at 120 degrees Fahrenheit and transfer to the dryer. Dry the linen at the hottest temperature setting for at least 30 minutes.


Yes, you can drown bed bugs by leaving them in water for at least 24 hours. Bed bugs cannot survive in water because they are unable to swim and their flat bodies do not allow them to breathe when submerged in water.

Boiling water, diluted bleach, and a hot wash cycle in your washing machine are the three most effective ways to utilize water in killing bed bugs. But even though these methods can kill a few bed bugs, it is still advisable to hire a professional pest control service to kill all of the bed bugs in your home.

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