Do Bed Bugs Eat Each Other?

Do Bed Bugs Eat Each Other

No, bed bugs do not eat other bed bugs. The only source of food bed bugs have is blood, specifically the blood of warm-blooded mammals. Bed bugs have evolved to prefer human blood, but if they are in a situation where there are no human hosts around, they will feed on a dog, cat, and … Read more

Where Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs?

Where Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs

Bed bugs lay their eggs in places that are dark, safe,  but close enough to their human host for feeding after the eggs hatch. These places are the mattress and box spring, as well as the furniture that are within six feet of your bed. Bed bugs do not lay their eggs on the body … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Have Long Legs?

Do Bed Bugs Have Long Legs

No, bed bug legs are quite short which only allow them to crawl slowly over surfaces. When bed bugs are floating on water, their legs are not long enough to make them stand over the surface of the water using the surface tension. Their legs make them stay low to the ground whenever they walk, … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live in Dressers?

Can Bed Bugs Live in Dressers

Yes, bed bugs can live in dressers. Bed bugs prefer to live in your mattress, box spring, or bed frame, but if an infestation has become too big, the bed bugs will spread across your room. They will infest the area within six feet of your bed. This includes the floor, carpet, and furniture. Dressers … Read more

Can Bed Bugs Live in Metal Bed Frames?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Metal Bed Frames

Yes, bed bugs can live on metal bed frames. They can live in almost any material, metal being one of them, but if they had a choice, they prefer warmer surfaces like fabric or wood. Metal is a cooler material, so it is less appealing to bed bugs when compared to fabric or wood. What … Read more

Does Salt Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Salt Kill Bed Bugs

No, salt does not kill bed bugs. Their exoskeleton protects their internal organs from coming into contact with salt, so they are protected from getting dehydrated. Unlike slugs and snails that have vulnerable body parts, so coming into physical contact with salt kills them. Bed bugs also do not consume anything other than blood, so … Read more

Does Pine Sol Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Pine Sol Kill Bed Bugs

Yes, Pine Sol can kill bed bugs but only if you spray so much on one bed bug that it drowns in the liquid. If you simply spray a small amount on the bug, their exoskeleton protects them from it and the bug is able to run away and escape. The strong smell and alcohol … Read more

Do Bed Bugs Play Dead?

Do Bed Bugs Play Dead

No, bed bugs do not play dead at all. If you see a bed bug that is not moving and appears dead, it is most probably dead. This assumption probably arises from instances where the homeowner thinks that all bed bugs have been eradicated, only for a reinfestation to occur weeks after. Maybe they think … Read more

Why Are Bed Bugs Hard To Kill?

Why Are Bed Bugs Hard To Kill

Bed bugs are so hard to kill because they have evolved to know where to hide to ensure their safety, they have developed a stronger exoskeleton over the past 20 years, they reproduce quickly and efficiently, they are able to survive with no food for months, and knowing that their ancestors have been around for … Read more

Which Animals Eat Bed Bugs?

Which Animals Eat Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in your home can be a source of stress and irritation for you. Aside from the usual methods of eradication, some people may be curious about possibly taking in animals or insects that are natural predators of the bed bug. But keep in mind that some of the bed bug’s predators can … Read more