Are Bed Bugs Nocturnal?

Are Bed Bugs Nocturnal

Yes, bed bugs are nocturnal in the sense that they prefer to come out at night.  But this does not mean that they will not come out during the day. Bed bugs, like most animals, will feed anytime of the day if they are hungry.

Bed bugs are observed to be most active and feed during the night because that is the time of day when their host is asleep. Bed bugs find it is much easier to feed on you when you are not moving around so much. But if a bed bug that has not fed in weeks sees you, they will not hesitate to feed on you even if it is noontime.

Do bed bugs come out when the lights are on?

Yes, bed bugs do come out even when the lights are on. Though they prefer to come out at night, they will still take opportunities to get blood meals when there is a host present. So, it is definitely possible for them to come out when the lights are on or during the day.

Are bed bugs nocturnal?

Yes, bed bugs are generally considered to be nocturnal because they prefer to forage for a host and feed during the night. But they will also come out in the daytime, or at night when the lights are on, to feed. This is especially true when there have been no human or animal hosts near them for weeks and they are hungry.

Bed bugs can also change their normal nocturnal behavior and feed during the day if the people in the house work at night and sleep during the day. When a bed bug infestation is very large and has spread throughout the house, bed bugs may also venture out during the day.

Do bed bugs feed every single night?

It is unlikely that the same bug will bite you every night. Bed bugs only feed once every five to ten days, or roughly around once a week. But if your house has a large infestation, you can get bit every night, but those are going to be new bugs each time, at least until the ones that fed on you last week become hungry again.

What are the most common hiding places for bed bugs?

The most common places bed bugs like to hide in are dark places with lots of cracks and crevices they can find shelter in such as beds, furniture, carpets, backpacks, suitcase, books and even toys. They can also hide in books. Unfortunately, you can find them in cars and even public transport.

Is it possible to get bitten only once by a bed bug?

In the starting phases of an infestation, you can get just one or two bed bug bites a night. They may be so subtle that you may not even notice it. But if the bed bugs multiply and lay a claim to your home, they will surely come back to feed on you every five to ten days until you are able to rid your house of them. The larger the infestation, the more frequent the bites and the more red welts you see on your body.

Are bed bug bites visible?

Yes, you can see bed bug bites. While there are some people that do not break out as much, others get red welts and even open wounds from bed bug bites.

You can wake up in the morning and look like you are breaking out in hives all over your body. It is one of the most invasive and horrendous things an insect can do to a person. Some infestations can get so bad that people would rather move out of their house just to get away from the bites.

What is the first sign of bed bugs?

The first sign people notice are the red bite marks on their arms. But it is also possible to see a bed bug even before you get bit by one. Your bed is usually the first place in your house that these bugs infest, because this is the place where their host is immobile for hours and they are able to feed freely. However, if you buy used furniture from thrift shops, such as a table or couches, that can be the first place to check when you suspect bed bugs.

How do I check for bed bugs?

First get a flashlight and put on some latex gloves. Remove your bed sheet and start inspecting from the edge of the bed and make your way all around. Look for red or brown stains or streaks on the mattress, these are feces marks of the bed bug. Look out for shed skin that the bed bug will molt during each life cycle. This also shows that the bed bugs in your home have started to mature toward becoming adults.

If you do not find anything, check under the mattress between the box spring. Next, lift the box spring and check the wood or metal frame where the box spring rests on the bed. Check the headboard because a lot of times, you can find bed bugs behind it or on it.

Pull the bed out from the wall and inspect the carpet and walls where the bed used to rest.

If you do not find any traces of bed bugs on your bed, try checking the furniture near the bed that they could be infesting. Check your couches and upholstered chairs can be inspected by taking the cushions off and inspecting the zippers and the trim of the upholstered pieces. You can also check by pushing your hand down the cracks and pulling that area apart and using the flashlight to see if you notice any activity.


Yes, bed bugs can be considered nocturnal in the simplest sense. Meaning they are most active and prefer to feed during the night. But this does not mean that they never come out during the day. Bed bugs will adjust to their host’s sleeping schedule, essentially. If you work nights and sleep during the day, bed bugs will learn your routine and feed on you in the day time. If the bed bugs in your home are starving because your family went on a two-week vacation, they also just might come out of the woodwork even with the lights on because they are very hungry.

Image: / Prashant Chauhan